Mascott Chess – Hand Painted Cats and Dogs Chess Set




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This product from Chess Baron: Made in England. Sculpted by – no, it’s not a joke – Caroline McCatty – a recognised sculpture in chess designs. Delightful full hand painted version of the Cats and Dogs chess design. Colourful and innovative chess set for dog lovers and cat haters, or cat lovers and dog haters. Hmmm. Maybe just one for pet lovers. A perfect setting for a battle. Frivolity aside, look at the detail of this chess set . Expand the pictures to their fullest size – expressions are included in the faces and the individual setting of the pieces are artfully contrived to achieve the atmosphere of a lighthearted battle of chess. Assuming you’re not the family dog or cat that is. A pefect gift for pet lovers, dog lovers, cat haters,… oh, let’s not get into that again…
NOTE – although we say these are in stock – they take 2 weeks for the hand painted version.
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Heavy Weighted in Crushed Marble. King Size 3.75 inches

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