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    High Quality Travel 12 inch x 6 inch Chess Set (E2016)

    This is a wonderful chess set for travel - especially if you plan to go as far as the antipodes since the magnetic pieces of this set can stand on their heads. No joke! Chess is a serious game after all and this is a set for the serious traveller, wherever you're headed.

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    Polish Staunton in Sheesham Wood Chess Pieces (E2012)

    If you want a slightly different chess set but the minimalist look of the E2003 is a little over board, this Polish Staunton set might be just the choice for you. With a slightly retro look Bishop you'll wonder just how such a design could be ...

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    Weighted Russian Special with 4.25 inch King Chess Set (E2013)

    The Russian Aristocracy may be demised, but its hauteur lives on in this Russian chess set. The feminine curves of the Queen's skirt say "couture" with the King shyly following this flirtaeous design in his own stylish way. The board for this chess set should be 1.75 inch ...

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    Magnificent Philippino Staunton Sheesham (E2018)

    A magnificent set striking a difference. With an impressively sized King and equally distinctive graceful Queen, this Staunton chess design sets itself apart from the crowd. With a combination of both upward and downward curves, the entire chess set promotes a substantial ...

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    Magnetic Luxury Travel with Board Chess Set 12 inch Squared (M2023)

    New - now in whitewood and sheesham. This is a superb travel set in a good size. All the chess pieces have an individual place in the internal drawer. The tray that holds them fits snugly inside the board. The set is magnetic! Luxury at an affordable price! You dont often ...

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    Large Rosewood Magnetic 14 inch Chess Set (M2095)

    Magnificent combination Large Chess Set with pieces along with board. Magnetic to stay in place, even with an upside down board. The pieces of the chess set are well made with good detail in the design. The chess set measures 7 inches by 14 inches and has very high quality ...

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    The Morgan – Double Weighted Rosewood Staunton Chess Set (M2026)

    Very good value rosewood set with excellent weight and balance. The pieces feel good in the hand and comprise a classic staunton set of mid priced chess pieces. The pawns have a particularly good appearance - often the tell-tale symbol of an excellent set of chess pieces. A ...

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    Highest Quality 16 inch Weighted Chess Set with Board and Cabinet (M2094)

    Superb high quality stripped sheesham combination chess set. That means you get the pieces, box to keep them in each with their own space, and the board, which is the cabinet itself. See these great images to get an idea of this quality product - we have the large version ...

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