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Customer Reviews - ChessBaron Chess Sets

What our Customers Say About Us

Customer: D.G

Email to us: I made my first purchase from Chess Baron recently and received one of the most beautiful chess piece sets that I have ever had the pleasure to own. The Chess Baron offers some of the most unique and attractive chess piece sets as well as other outstanding chess related products. After placing my order on line, I immediately received an e-mail confirmation. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, my order shipped the same day!! And only three to no more than four days later, my very well packaged order was delivered. And in my opinion, the most significant characteristic that places The Chess Baron above his competition is his customer service. For example, there was one minor problem with my order which The Chess Baron quickly alleviated with no hassles on my part, no additional costs, no excuses, and GREAT communication.

Superlative products, very efficient order processing, fast shipment and delivery, outstanding communication, very sturdy packaging to withstand the rigors of transportation, and if necessary, any problem resolved very expeditiously are the reasons why I will always shop first for my chess hobby needs.

Customer: F.V from Brighton, Sussex

Email to us: I may not know much about chess (yet!) but I do know quality, style and value! Thank you for the great set. I was a bit anxious ordering as I wanted to see it in the flesh but it looked exactly (if not better) than in the photo – which is a real bonus as most companies do not give you the close up shots. It was for a special gift and made a grown man practically jump up and down on the spot! The care someone took wrapping the set for dispatch showed that you care about the products you send out. Thank you once again.

Customer: H.F from Banbury, Oxon

Email to us: Dear Baron, The chess set arrived safely, although my neighbour took delivery and passed it on to D. Luckily he didn’t read the label! He flew to Denver today so I took the opportunity to have unpack the set. I am delighted with the pieces, especially the knights – they are as good as you promised. Thank you for your excellent service. I am not so delighted with myself though, as I managed to catch the board as I walked through a doorway and slightly damaged one of the corners. Hopefully after a bit of “spit and polish” D won’t notice!! Thanks again for your part in the present.

Customer: Francsois from UAE

Email to us: Mr Turner, I received my chess set, thank you. It is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. I will recommend your company to everybody I play against. Thank you!

Customer: T.Mc from London N22

Email to us: Baron, A thousand thanks. The pieces and box arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. With luck and care they shall be in my family for many, many years to come. I have already begun recommending your website to others.

Customer: S.P from London NW9

Email to us: Hello, I spoke to a very helpful gentleman earlier (Note from Baron – this was me, I was the helpful gentleman – not Clive, since he’s getting all the limelight…), and have now placed my order! Just wanted to confirm that the presentation box that I put on the order is in fact an upgrade to the one that was included…

Customer: B.S from Exeter

Email to us: Clive, I’ve just received the Kings Cross set and am delighted with it. It’s going to make a perfect gift. I’ve been particularly impressed by the trouble you’ve taken on your website to depict the product accurately and in detail. What I’ve received matches exactly with the impression I’d formed from the representation there. I realise that this is one of your stated objectives ­ and it was also one of the reasons why I was attracted to buying from you­ but I thought I’d write to say that, from the perspective of this new customer, the effort you’ve put in has been justified.

Customer: N.H from Swaby, Nr Alford Lincolnshire

Email to us: Hello Clive, The C19 reproduction Chess set arrived today and I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the set it was well packaged and arrived safely as your moto says “its all about the customer” and I am a very satisfied Customer indeed.

Customer: D.D from Norwich, Norfolk

Email to us: King safely received today, and it’s fine thank you. I have securely packaged the other king and will send it back to you tomorrow. I am extremely impressed with your service so if you ever need quotes for a “what our customers think of us” section on your website, just let me know !

Customer: S.T from Isle of Skye

Email to us: Just a quick note to thank you for the delivery of the wonderful set.
It is perhaps easy to forget that in today’s material world that things can still be a true work of art. This set is one of them. Absolutely fantastic is it’s simplicity and yet beautifully crafted with elegant lines and detail.
The true wonder of the set, however, is in the playing. A joy to watch the pieces move across the stunning board (I would recommend that all potential buyers get the suggested board!). it seems a shame to take them! especially the knights.
The rosewood pieces are fantastic and compliment the creamy white pieces well. I will enjoy it for years to come.
Thank you all once again.

Ed: You’re wondering which set he had aren’t you? It’s the Bronte Chess Set. A museum piece if ever we saw one.

Customer: Dr. R.M from Manchester Metropolitan University

Email to us: I have had a close look at this order and it really is absolutely marvellous. I thought it would be good but this is better than expected. Many thanks for the board upgrade – it is of course excellent – as is the set itself and the box. I am much pleased!

Ed: The set? The Reproduction Antique – Red White Camel Bone John Calvert Design Chess Set. The red and white style was the preferred colouring for pre-staunton chess designs especially with Camel Bone – so this design is true to the time-period.

Customer: C.B from Kincardine, Fife

Email to us: I would like to give you some feedback on my ChessBaron experience.
My new chess set and board arrived today and I am chuffed to bits with it. Before I even begin to talk about the set can I say how impressed I have been regarding your customer care and service. Good correspondence all the way and the personal letter I received detailing your company history and family’s support was very encouraging. I am now the proud owner of set M2036 from your mid-priced range and the B2005 1.5 inch board. Both board and pieces compliment each other deliciously, the rich warmth of the white pieces and that gorgeous rosewood – they’re like carved pieces of a good Black Forest Gateaux! Alas, I can sympathise with P.B. from Lancs as mine too is a birthday present from my wife and I cannot wait until the end of April when I can play it. I have already sent friends your way and wish you every and continued success in the future.

Customer: P.B from Morecambe, Lancs

Email to us: Just to let you know I’m delighted with the Henry VIII chess set — excellent delivery — I was always worried that the chess set would not live up to my expectations but your web site is very accurate and I congratulate you. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others. I wish you well. Unfortunately I had to put it back in box after I had inspected it — it’s a gift from my wife so now I have to be patient.

Customer: P.Y from Palmers Green, London

Email to us: I ordered the E2009 – Staunton Popular Triple Weight Chess Set, with accompanying board and case. I was emailed a tracking number for a package that had next day delivery – i was impressed – i could tell chessbaron took every customer as an individual and my package had priority because of how early i had ordered it; it arrived WITHIN their 5-working-day-delivery policy! The package arrived today, a very large card board box. The contents (mentioned above) were very well packaged – boxes and bubble wrap galore! I immediately unwrapped and set out the board and pieces to their respective places, all the while admiring their grain and uniformity. I loved the board, closed it is smart and refined, open it is indulging and deluxe. Even the CASE was exciting, large panels of solid wood with an amazing grain which rivaled the beauty of the pieces – definitely worthy-enough to house them. All in all, I had paid £100 for a chess set that I hope I will pass down through my family for generations to come, it was what i like to call an “investment”.

Customer: G.H from Cirencester, Glos

Email to us: I would like to add my compliments to the other customer feedback on your site. I just received my order of a M2032 box-set today, and am thrilled with the quality of the pieces and board/box. Such craftsmanship, care and quality is rarely found in anything you can buy today. The set is for my god-son, and the quality had to be good, which you’ve delivered. I’ve now dropped big hints to my wife about future birthday/Christmas presents for me! Regarding the service from ChessBaron, the website is excellent, payment process flawless, delivery quick and right first-time. I also appreciated the charming personal letter from Baron Turner, explaining the background to the business. Many thanks.

Customer: C.T from Bradford, W.Yorks

Email to us: I wasn’t actually looking for a better chess set when I found myself on the site. But I was really impressed with the range and the quality of the chess sets available and tempted by a great price on a real ebony wood set. I’d been living quite happily for all these years without owning a high quality chess set, but after experiencing the wonderful look and feel of this set, I ended up buying a board too and even a second luxury set in bud rosewood.

Perhaps you’re thinking I’m some kind of rich or extravagant person, but it’s really not the case. However, I get a lot of pleasure from chess, which must be one of the cheapest hobbies there is. How much do golfers, music lovers or football fans spend on their passions each year? I reckon there comes a time in life when a chess enthusiast can justify buying good equipment.

What difference does it make using a fine chess set? I can tell you, it is extremely pleasant making moves with triple weighted, well-balanced pieces. They just feel so good in the hand. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship is superb and the mind is excellently refreshed from the effort of calculation or planning by admiring the way the light shines off the wood, particularly the dark woods which have tremendous depth to them. The grain of the wood, and variation within each piece are also very appealing to the eye. And the pieces themselves exude a power and presence that really enhances the experience of playing chess.

I found ChessBaron to be particularly good place to buy this kind of stuff from. Apart from the massive range of high quality equipment, they offer great customer service and a reassuring no quibble returns guarantee. They are connoisseurs, and decent folks too. I think I can now live without adding to my collection of luxury chess sets, but if you love chess and don’t have one already I can strongly recommend this supplier.


Customer: T.S from Cardiff

Email to us: This is an email just to say a big thank you to all at the chessbaron team i searched high and low in shops and the internet for a quality chess set for my sons birthday he has just discovered chess and is now hooked i played a bit when i was a boy he is now teaching me moves id never heard of . I purchased the X2004 carved chamfered base in rosewood with folding board the quality of the set is outstanding! the photos on your site are fantastic i expected a nice set but WOW! 10/10.
thanks again – MR. T. S.

Customer: A.O from Donegal, Ireland

Email to us: My B2016 board arrived yesterday together with Sinead Bud Rosewood pieces. I must say that I am astounded. Their beauty and quality exceeded the high expectations I had of them. I fear my play is going to suffer. The board and pieces will be too much of a distraction, and I’ll be loath to exchange any of my Knights. I also purchased your cheapest board (B2001) for use with my old pieces and this also amazed me. The build quality is excellent and the fold is seamless to the eye without very close inspection. I don’t know how you can do it at the price.

Customer: S.D from London

Email to us: Dear Chess Baron Team

I felt compelled to write to you following this morning’s receipt of a beautiful and fantastic quality chess set, as per my order yesterday.

First of all, the website is easy to navigate and provides all necessary information in a clear manner. The process for ordering and consequent confirmation and communication is impressive, and then to receive the set itself within less than 24 hours beautifully presented is fantastic. I will not hesitate to both recommend you to friends and come back to you in the future.

Many many thanks.

Kind Regards

Customer: J.P from Tonbridge, Kent

Email to us: I have just unpacked my chess set – I wasn’t expecting such a large box! – and feel obliged to tell you how pleased I am with it. It has exceeded my expectations. The leather case with all the compartments is superb. I would also like to thank the sales team for their help on a query I had with the order. It is a pleasure doing business with you. Kind regards…

Customer: S.C from Perth, Australia

Email to us: Hi….I just had to let you know how thrilled I am with the chess set I ordered from your company.
I bought the X2043 Original King Charles in Bud Rosewood for my husband and he absolutely loves it.
The quality of the product is fantastic and the chess pieces arrived in Australia just 5 days after I placed the order.
Great service and a wonderful product.
Many thanks, S C…

Customer: J.C from Morden, Surrey

Email to us: Nearly 6 years ago I purchased a Margaret Anne Knight Chess set from you for a rosewood chess table I bought locally at the time. I am very impressed with my set and I am now buying this set and board as a gift for a Russian friend, her partner and ultimately their daughter when she is a few years older. I know chessbaron supply high quality boards and chess sets so I am thrilled to see you have a set which is so suited in name and style for my friends.
Many thanks, J C…

Customer: P S-W from West Acton, London

Hi. Chess Board arrived it is beautiful and the way it was packaged even impressed the delivery driver.
Many thanks
Pat S-W

Customer: V-L from Feniscowles, Lancashire

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful chess set I received , it came the very next day and it is just stunning, I love it. I wasn’t sure whether or not to get it because it was rather small but it is just so stunning and beautifully made and in suberb quality and I just wanted to say thank you so much. Its a complete set and it’s fantastic.

Customer: J.L from Den Haag, Netherlands

Hello, I recently ordered the Bud Rosewood Staunton luxury set with the matching board. The set arrived within 5 business days and is just beautiful. The individual differences on the knights make for a unique set and the rich wood makes a beautiful centrepiece in my living room. It will be a treasured possession for many years to come – if only my chess skills matched the beauty of this set!

Thanks for a great service.

Customer: L.G from North Wales

Dear Baron,

I’ve just received my M4000 ‘The Zebra’ Marble & Onyx chess set (with case and board) and I’m already playing on it! It was well packaged and arrived a lot sooner than expected. I would like to thank you for the excellent (and quite frankly refreshing) service. I’m particularly impressed with your obvious care and passion, as demonstrated on your website (and youtube channel). The set appealed to me for it’s unusual style – beautifully photographed on the product page, though the texture and uniqueness of each piece still came as quite a pleasant surprise. It’s different, well crafted and very heavy! I am very pleased indeed.

Thankyou once again, ChessBaron – I look forwards to buying more wonderful chess pieces from you in the future.

L. Giles, North Wales.
(P.S – Feel free to use this email on the ‘Real Feedback’ section of your site if you so wish!)


Customer J.P from Westbury, Wiltshire

Recieved my marble chess set and board yesterday (Monday) after ordering the previous Thursday and it is absolutely superb. From beginning to end an outstandingly good transaction and I am blown away by its brilliant quality. Many thanks.

J. P

Customer J.K from Stirling

Just wanted to give some positive feedback on my recent purchase. Absolutely delighted with my new chess board (B1003 Chess Board High Quality Flat Solid Sheesham with 2 inch Squares). The quality is first class and the service I received excellent. The web site itself has an emphasis on information rather than a mish-mash of flashy imagery which is how I like to make my purchasing decisions. The site is still intuitive, well designed and attractive so thumbs up. I felt that the company were proud of their wares and rightly so. Chessbaron will be my first stop for future purchases.

J. K

Customer: M.D from Brinsley, Notts

WOW ! WOW !! WOW !!!
I’ve just received my B2010 chess board !
Unbelievable !! Without doubt the most beautiful board I’ve EVER seen and I’m 67 years old.
Worth ever penny !!!


Customer J.T from Stockport

Dear Sir
Set X2043 + board + box received yesterday in good order. Thanks for your efforts. The set is even more beautiful than I expected and re delivery, packing and service, I have never dealt with a better company. Thanks again, and may you have a prosperous New Year.

J. T

And then after another purchase, the same Customer: M.D

It’s just arrived !!
King John Copper & Stainless Steel Chess Set.
From opening the ist piece, my face lit up and my grin got bigger !!
Magnificent. Talk about VFM.
If you’re not the best supplier in the UK, or anywhere else, I’d like to know who is !!


Customer: J.A from London N20

Card to us said: “Just had to write to say…” Hang on – why not read the card yourself? We’ve obscured the signature and address for obvious reasons… Here it is:

Customer: R.S.F from Tunbridge Wells, Kent

My chess set arrived as promised this morning. It is just like the photo’s on your site. I am very impressed with the workmanship. Makes a real change to get old fashion service and what you expect in the goods. Fast delivery and on time. Others could learn a thing or two. I grew. Up in East London after the war, we used to say .. a PCJ ..a proper chaps job… That was what this purchase was.

Customer: J.F from Sheffield

Dear Baron,
I am usually reluctant to join bandwagons, but I will happily make an exception for Chessbaron and join the chorus of voices singing the praises of this fantastic company.
The quality of the set I purchased some years ago was excellent and I really ought to have given some positive feedback at that time, especially when one of the pieces with a tiny flaw was immediately replaced without question. However, I can now remedy that failing because you have once again provided me with superb service. I am extremely grateful that you found a replacement king for another set that has a lot of sentimental value to me. I know how difficult it is to match a piece in that way – I had spent a lot of time scouring the internet in vain.
Needless to say, I will happily recommend Chessbaron to my friends and am happy if you share that recommendation with a wider audience.
Best wishes,
John F…

Buying peace of mind by buying a Baron Chess set

We've continued in successful business by consistently providing quality, good design, and value in chess products.

In summary:

  • A very wide range of UK chess sets and boards, easily the widest range in Europe.
  • Unique and innovative chess set designs derived from senior talented craftmasters
  • A professional intuitive site with ten intricate quality views for each chess set
  • A clear return policy. Return within 14 days for quibble-free refund (not computers)
  • Exceptionally high quality
  • Because we know you care - we care
  • Genuine customer service. We believe in, and work for, 100% customer satisfaction. It is all about the customer.