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Delivery Integrity

From ChessBaron

To prevent customers experiencing hidden charges, we have a standard delivery on all items. We’re exlusively in the chess set and computer business and so have excellent relationships with chess manufacturers to provide chess products at very low prices meaning that we can include a standard low carriage charge to our customers. It’s all stocked in the UK, so returns are equally easy.

How Long?

Generally the item you choose will be with you within a week. If it’s any longer, we’ll let you know. If you need it quicker, just let us know, we’ll try to bump you up the queue.

Delivery Integrity

Stock availability is indicted for each line. If the chess set you select isn’t in stock we’ll tell you. We know that when you select a chess set that you’ve probably thought much about the choice and you’ll want to see the chess set or chess computer quickly. The transit we use is a recognised and reliable courier who ships the goods very quickly. In most cases the goods will be at your door within a few days of actually placing an order. The goods are sent by courier and are insured and certified.

When Goods are not In Stock

If the selection of the chess set or chess computer is one which is out-of-stock, you can go ahead and order the item – we’ll advise as to delivery, generally within a month.

When Deliveries Go Wrong

If anything goes wrong with the delivery, it’s our responsibility. We’ll take care of the problem whatever is required. If the set just doesn’t match your expectations, or is slightly damaged or something similar, just let us know, we’ll deal with the problem. This includes any perceived problem on the part of our couriers, packaging, etc. Purchasing a chess set or chess computer from ChessBaron is buying ‘peace of mind’ – it’s not your problem, it’s ours.

Please contact us for more info, or browse the chess set or chess computer inventory.

  • Low Cost Shipping by National Courier
  • Packages Insured and Registered
  • Attractive Packaging
  • Delivery Integrity
  • Real Customer Service
  • Clear Returns Policy
  • Package normally delivered within two to three days
  • Any Problems Quickly Notified
  • Can Change Your Mind