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Customer Service

From ChessBaron

Where the goods come from

The chess set and chess computer goods are shipped from the UK. Our stock is held in the UK. This means that returns are easy and any rare mistakes are rectified quickly. It also means that tax duty is not imposed on the goods en route to the customer, which happens when ordering from another country. All our goods are sourced into the UK from manufacturers across the world.

Recognised Tier One Customer Service

In purchasing a designer chess set at ChessBaron you’ll never find yourself on hold or lost in a maze of phone options in a phone tree. Whether you want designer chess sets or other types of chess sets or computer chess games, then commensurate with our drive for 100% customer satisfaction, your call will be treated as valuable. If we are unavailable your call will be returned quickly. We really believe that if we treat the customer with dignity you’ll be happy with your purchase of a designer chess set or chess computer and perhaps recommend your friends, colleagues and come back for other chess goods in time.

Your Satisfaction

Our over-riding concern is that your quality, low priced designer chess set or chess computer purchase from ChessBaron is a happy one. You’ll be left with a feeling that the purchase was easy, enjoyable – and that what you’ve bought is not just excellence, beauty and perfection, but also that you’ve bought ‘peace of mind’. Whatever you purchase, whether a beautiful rosewood or bud rosewood range of designer chess sets we purvey, buying from ChessBaron means that if you’re not happy, simply return the product and receive a refund. You don’t need a reason to return the goods, just make the return within 7 days for a refund.


Whether you’re buying a quality designer chess set as a gift – or for yourself, the product will come well-packaged and secure. If you are buying a gift at the last moment, let us send it direct. You’ll just have to supply a little extra in credit card validation, but we can deliver the designer chess set directly if required. The quality of the set, board, package will be nothing short of excellent.

Please contact us for more info, or browse the products.

  • Detailed Display of Sets
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Real Customer Service
  • Clear Returns Policy
  • Unique CraftMaster Design
  • Customer Dignity
  • Corporate Gift Themes
  • Custom Designs Available
  • Beautiful Designer Chess Sets