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Returns Policy

At Chess Baron

The goods are shipped from the UK, all our stock is in the UK, so returns are no problem.

Simply return the chess goods for a full, quibble free refund. As stipulated in the distance selling act of the year 2000 the goods should be sent back within 7 days, but we’ll be happy to consider later returns, since we realise that it may be a gift and this might be later than 7 days. If the goods are faulty in any way, we will quickly rectify the problem and replace the item, unless you prefer a refund – it’s up to you.

Why Returns are Possible

Returns of our chess products are possible and simple because all of our chess stock is in the UK. Our chess items are shipped from the UK. The occasional problems that occur with deliveries or with changes of mind on the selection of the chess set are no problem with ChessBaron. Please beware of purchasing chess set products from another country whether through eBay or through a chess retailer in another country. Chess sets from outside the country are liable for tax duty (VAT). When buying chess sets from outside the UK to save a few pennies, duty will be imposed by customs, errors are very difficult to rectify, and hamfisted customs officials may ruin the package. That’s why you should buy chess from us. When buying chess sets from ChessBaron, you are also buying ‘peace of mind’!

Chess as a Unique Gift Idea

Chess is such a geat gift. It’s a unique gift idea that lasts on and on, and that won’t be discarded the next day. Our chess sets are worthwhile purchases that will last a lifetime. Choose your unique gift idea carefully with this in mind, after all – it doesn’t perish and can be passed to the next generation with pride where the unique gift idea purchase is a quality choice. (See High Quality Chess Sets for many selections of sets that will be held with pride.