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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Sale - ChessBaron

ChessBaron is an established company for chess sets and chess computers. The following terms and conditions have been a part of our company since inception and are the framework that has enabled us to continue our business through favourable and less than favourable times. Furthermore, the points below are a requirement of our financial partners to enable the continuation of our relationship – they too are interested in our continued success. Fundamentally:

  • We will refund your funds readily if you have any issues with our chess products.
  • In most cases we ship within the next two days where the item is in stock.
  • We’ll do whatever is needed to make you 100% happy with your purchase.


Our stock holding is large, so where the item is held in stock, your chess computer, chess set and/or board will be shipped to you quickly. The goods should arrive within five days after the day of order if you are on the UK mainland. The carriage price is a standard low price for your chess set, chess computer, chess clock, chess software product or chess DVD


The company is VAT registered. All the VAT prices are included within the price shown.


If you don’t like the product simply return it and receive a refund, or in most cases choose another set, it’s your choice. Some of the lower price items may not be possible to replace, but a refund will always be fine. We may elect to deduct reasonable delivery charges. Your return should be postmarked within 7 days of receipt, although we’ll be happy to consider later returns of your chess set, since we know that it may be for a gift and may therefore be subject to a later decision.

Returns from Outside the UK

We take every care to send the item you select in perfect condition. We have many thousands of satisfied customers from outside the UK – Australia, South Africa, USA, Europe, Cyprus, Barbados, Scandinavia and many more. If there is some perceived fault – you are welcome to get the product back to us at your cost and we’ll put it right – which includes the option of a refund. This is especially relevant to our range of chess computers – which we test before sending. If it develops a fault after this test and after you receive it – we will put it right by replacement, repair or refund – but you must get the product back to us. If we re-send the product it will obviously be at our cost. This is very rare and is further mitigated by our prior testing, but we want to make our policy clear.


Our quality control is first class, but in the very unlikely event of damage or substandard workmanship, please return the product to us and we’ll be happy to refund your purchase cost.


Every product from ChessBaron will arrive well wrapped and secure. If this is a chess computer or other chess product, the receiver will be delighted with the item, only to be happier when it is unwrapped. If it’s not a gift, you’ll be the one that is delighted with the arrival of your chess item.

Holding Company

ChessBaron is family company owned and controlled by Baron R Turner. The company secretary is Christina R Turner. The technical manager of ChessBaron is John David Turner.

Chess as a Unique Gift Idea

Chess is good for the mind, and good for development. It’s a gift that lasts and that won’t be discarded the next day. Our chess sets and chess coomputers are worthwhile purchases that will last a lifetime. Choose your gift carefully with this in mind, after all – it’s not perishable and can be passed to the next generation with pride.