Polish Staunton in Sheesham Wood Chess Pieces




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This product from Chess Baron: If you want a slightly different chess set but the minimalist look of the E2003 is a little over board, this Polish Staunton set might be just the choice for you.
With a slightly retro look Bishop you’ll wonder just how such a design could be attributed to so devout a country. No problem – it’s an absolutely authentic 1950’s Polish cleric look. True! “Miter” a sterotype lie?
From groovy bishops to sturdy pawns, with cute Knights in between, this set goes as well with a curry as it does with cabbage. So set up the board and open a bottle of vodka and settle in for a game that will challenge all types.
Best suited to a rustic style board with a 1.75 inch (4.5 cm) square, this set is going to add panache to your every move and hopefully out-“verve” the competition.
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King Height 4in. King Weight 45g Base Diameter 1.5 inch

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